"The IT Solution For

Your Small Business"

Need a computer? Not sure what kind? Were the folks at the big box store less than helpful in your search?

Kirby Computer Services can recommend computer and laptops for all of your business, home or gaming needs. Since we don't sell any specific brand of computers, we are your source of unbiased information.

If there isn't one available on the market that suits your needs, or if you want something to really brag about, Kirby Computer Services will be happy to custom build a machine to your specifications! Call us for an estimate on all custom builds!

Today our offices rely on many different pieces of technology working together to get everything done. From tablets and PCs to printers and cameras all require network access and support to do their jobs. We can also make certain everything in your network works seamlessly.

If you need internet access, wireless network, secure cable connections, remote printing or anything else to make your office run, Kirby Computer Services can help. We are even available to coordinate and oversee internet installation at your place of business.

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