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In today's technology driven business environment, you must have an online presence in order to compete effectively. This is true even if your industry has nothing to do with Information Technology. People aren't looking in phone book or news papers anymore for your ads, phone number or address - they are going straight to the internet. Without an online presence, your competition has the advantage.

With a population that is relying more and more on cell phones and tables to browse the internet, it is important to create a website specifically for mobile devices. Kirby Computer Services includes a mobile site with the creation of your standard site.

Mobile site features include:

  • Integrated phone dialing directly from your web page
  • Directions to your location using Google Maps
  • Quick links to Facebook and other social media sites
  • Use of QR codes to drive traffic to you web page

By utilizing the responsive build features of Adobe Muse, Kirby Computer Services can build the perfect website for your small business. We specialize in creating sites that get your information out to the general public without breaking your budget. We will create your customized website, put it online and take care of everything for you! We won't trick you into wasting your time with a "free" website or trap you with outrageous monthly fees. Our prices are reasonable and you will know them all upfront with no surprises.

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